Series Information - Sepang 12 Hours

December 8 - 11 2016

Overview of the 2016 Sepang 12 Hours

SRO Motorsports Group in partnership with the Sepang International Circuit are co-organising and co-promoting the Sepang 12 Hours. The experience and know-how of SRO Motorsports Group will elevate the event to be firmly established as one of the major long distance races for GT cars


Race distance/format: 12 Hours (starting at 12:00 on Saturday 10th December) Track Length : 5,543 km

Eligible cars:


FIA Homologation GT3 cars including National G3 homologation, JAF GT300 & Super Taikyu STX.

GTC / Xtra Cup:

Cars issued from single-make series which are sub divided into the following groups, GTC Cup with cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Carrera Cup and the XtraCup which include the latest Lamborghini Super Trofeo and Audi R8 Cup…

Any variants to be approved and subject to BOP*

GT4 cars & Sports Production:

GT4 cars complying with SRO regulations. Such as Ginetta, Lotus Evora, BMW M3, Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Nissan 350Z, Reiter X-Box, Chevrolet Camaro, Maserati Gran Turismo MC, McLaren 570S, Toyota GT86, Mustang FR500, 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4, Sin R1…

Sport Production: Non FIA Homologated Sports cars 1900cc and above. ST3 Super Taikyu, Sports cars with diesel engines above 1900cc. Any variant or modified models to apply for approval*


Models such as Seat Leon, Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf GTi, Opel Astra, Subaru Sti, Alfa Romeo Giulietta…

Touring Production:

Group N & A cars 1900cc and above, Non FIA Homologated Touring cars 1900cc to 4500cc, Super Taikyu cars (ST2 & ST4) Touring/Saloon with diesel engine above 1900cc, Production Touring/Salon with petrol engine smaller than 1600 cars. Any variant or modified models to apply for approval*

Touring Production example: Honda Civic, Subaru, Renault Clio/Megane, Toyota GT86.

Any variant or modified models to apply for approval*

*Automobiles not on the eligibility list or variants will be considered upon application and subject to approval by the organisers and subject to specific BOP.


Subject to dossier approval

Awards and Podium:

GT3: Overall Podium, Pro / Am Podium & Am Podium. 

GTC: Overall Podium. 

The above results will be subdivided into “Cup” & “XtraCup” classification. In addition, a Trophy for the highest finishing car of each brand will be awarded.

Sport Production & GT4: Overall Podium.

TC3: Overall Podium.

Touring Production: Overall Podium. 

Additional Normally Aspirated and Turbo classification. Touring Production Monetary Award tbc.

Driver Grading and Licences:

All drivers to be categorised by the FIA, if you are not yet graded see below link 

Licences required: Minimum International grade C minimum, Competitors and drivers holding a valid AAM or Motorsports Association of Malaysia (“MAM”) National Competitors licence will be accepted. 

Permitted Driver Combinations:


3 Drivers Maximum - No Driver categorisation applies.

GT3 PRO-AM 3 Drivers:

Platinum + Bronze + Bronze / Gold + Bronze + Bronze

Silver + Silver + Bronze / Silver + Bronze + Bronze

A Bronze driver must be behind the wheel for a minimum of 3 hours for all three-driver line-ups.

GT3 PRO-AM 4 Drivers:

Option 1: Platinum + Platinum + Bronze + Bronze (including P/G/B/B or G/G/B/B). 

A Bronze driver must be behind the wheel for a minimum of 4 hours  (i.e. two Pro drivers must be accompanied by two Bronze drivers)

Option 2: Platinum + Silver + Silver + Bronze (including G/S/S/B or S/S/S/B or S/S/B/B).

A Bronze driver must be behind the wheel for a minimum of 3 hours  (i.e. one Pro driver with three Am drivers, including min 1 Bronze)

GT3 Am Cup:

3 Drivers All Bronze

4 Drivers: Silver driver may be added to 3 Bronze - Silver driver behind the wheel for a max. three hours.


Same as GT3 Pro/Am & AM.

Sport Production/GT4, TC3 and Touring Production:

3 or 4 drivers, with maximum 1 driver who is Platinum or Gold, and minimum one driver who is Bronze.

*Pairing Combinations provisional subject to confirmation/approval of regulations.

Race format:

Max time per driver: 7 hours (No more than three consecutive hours behind the wheel for any driver)

Pro-Am: A bronze behind the wheel for min 3 hours

Am: A silver behind the wheel for max 3 hours

No stint can be longer than 65 minutes (70 mins if Safety Car or Full Course Yellow at the end of a stint) All drivers to do at least one hour to be classified.


SRO's BOP is successfully applied in other major race series such as Blancpain GT Series, Super GT Series, Bathurst 12 Hours, British GT Championship, Grand Prix Macau.

SRO Environment:

SRO Motorsports group will bring its wealth of race organization experience to the Sepang 12 hours, especially its know how in GT endurance racing. SRO will adapt the full technical and sporting regulations of the Total 24 Hours of Spa and also bring its scrutineering expertise ensuring all cars comply to the regulations.


To be confirmed